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It has been rewarding to be able to come alongside the students to encourage and challenge them to persevere in their learning and social skills and celebrate improvements. They are a sweet group of children who appreciate and respond to the attention of anyone willing to invest some time in their lives. It is heartwarming to hear them call out from across the parking lot, “Hi, Miss Nancy!” when I arrive each day.

Nancy DeibertHomework Haven Volunteer

There are so many advantages in Annapolis, but at the same time there is a lot of poverty and homelessness. I have been blessed and the Lord has touched my heart to minister to those in need. Light House Shelter, Winter Relief, and other organizations have programs and activities with opportunities to serve, and in serving others my blessings have multiplied!

Gayle BlizzardLight House Shelter Volunteer

I have volunteered at every Giveaway, and we now have more than 50 volunteers from at least 10 churches. I like watching the volunteers find jobs they enjoy and working together with them to make each Giveaway successful. We all enjoy getting to know the visitors and hearing their stories.

Linda HanniganGreat Giveaway Coordinator

Operation Christmas Child is a gospel-centered ministry that has a profound influence on every participant. The excitement is contagious as we work together, adults and children, to create good quality items to fill the boxes, pack them together, and serve as overseas missionaries right here in Annapolis. The greatest blessing to my life has been to partner with others who have this same passion for bringing the gospel to children all over the world.

Rhonda HarriesOperation Christmas Child Volunteer

As God continues to reveal his faithful love and kindness towards me, I see being a greeter as a privilege and delight as I serve him. My prayer is that, through this ministry, others would experience the joy that comes from knowing and serving Christ, as we live our lives on mission for sharing his gospel.

Joy WrightSunday Greeter

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Laurie Nelson

Outreach Coordinator

Laurie Nelson loves helping people feel loved and welcome, whether on a Sunday morning or in the community. On staff at EP since 2008, she directs EP’s outreach efforts and can’t wait to help connect people to areas of service that they are passionate about. The best part about her job is that it doesn’t feel like a job; each day is different and she loves serving alongside others. She has three children and one grandson, and she loves being a Grammy!

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