We help women find space to be themselves

Find rest from the tug of the day to day, step into rich relationships with other women, and be renewed to love and serve others

We’re women, too. We’re old and young. We’re wives. We’re single. We’re moms. We know what it is to struggle with relationships, stress, and over-commitment. We’re here to walk together with you as you step towards rest and wholeness. Come and see how the Women of EP are finding meaning and purpose in Jesus.

What You'll Find

Make Space for What Matters

With jobs, kids, and husbands, sometimes it’s hard to find rest and recharge

Don’t Struggle Alone

We all struggle, so let’s walk together as we learn about Jesus

There’s a Place for You

Whatever stage of life you’re in, we want to love and support you

Hinged @ Home Women’s Conference

Available Online through December 15

Home—it’s where we live and worship, where we make meals and raise kids and do so much more. It is also our eternal destination. A hinge—it’s a utilitarian piece of hardware; its job is to connect two pieces together and make them useful. We are bringing these two ideas together to help us think about hinging with our spiritual family around the truth as we walk together until we get home.

Sheltering in place and unrest in our country have left many longing for meaningful conversations and lasting connections. That is why we need to be vitally connected—hinged—to Christ and each other as the church. The PCA Women’s Ministry is making this conference available to women around the world, and you will have access until December 15. During this time, gather some women to watch the session with you. We want to connect with you and connect you with one another!

Find Your Place in a Renew Group

Our hope and desire is to find ways to help women stay connected to other women during this time. One great way to do that is to join a Renew Group, a small group of women sharing life and pursuing Jesus together. If you would like to join a group or have questions, please contact Cheryl Mullis at [email protected] or Laura Dingess at [email protected]

Upcoming Women’s Events

I am so grateful for the loving bond that is shared among the EP women. The love and concern I have witnessed from so many loving and beautiful women has been overwhelming.


I'm excited to see how our transformation is leading us and growing our love for Him and for each other.


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Cheryl Mullis

Director of Small Groups and Women's Ministries

Cheryl loves spending time investing in women, hearing their stories, and watching them grow as they learn to follow Jesus. She is passionate about studying and teaching God’s Word and delights in helping others understand how deeply they are loved by God. Married to her husband Don for over 30 years, Cheryl and Don have five wonderful children, one amazing daughter-in-law and two gracious son-in-laws, and six very active grandchildren. Traveling, chatting with friends, and reading a good novel at the ocean are Cheryl’s favorite past times.